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Clearview Testing Centers offers evaluations and consultations to assist in career coaching and consulting. Clearview Testing Centers is uniquely qualified to provide psychological, education and career testing. Appointments can be scheduled in person or via video or phone. Contact us now to schedule your 15 minute free consultation.

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Your abilities are essential to consider

in deciding on a job, and your interests, personal preferences and life experiences also play an important part in helping you select an occupation in which you will be satisfied. The career choice you make determines a huge part of the rest of your life.

We can help you explore these options

through consultation and testing, including career aptitude, interest and ability testing. This combination of tests gives you clear insight in to your talents and interests abilities. It also tells you in which area of expertise you will probably find a profession suitable for you.

This package includes:

In-Depth Initial Interview

Testing for Interests & Working Styles

Consultative Results Review

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