What should I major in?

Our professionals can help you find out.

Clearview Testing Centers offers evaluations and consultations to assist in selecting a college major or area of graduate study. Clearview Testing Centers is uniquely qualified to provide psychological, education and career testing.

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Choosing a major field of study can be a difficult decision,

and today’s college students are encouraged to weigh several factors before choosing an area of focus. Important major considerations include overall program cost, salary expectations, employment rates for employees in the field and advanced degree opportunities.

Our team has the expertise to guide you,

as you explore the various benefits and drawbacks of undergraduate and graduate programs. Our goal is to provide a helpful resource for students who are unsure about which major is the best choice for them financially, professionally and personally. Clearview Testing Centers offers in- depth assessment tools and consultations to assist with these important decisions.

This package includes:

In-Depth Initial Interview

Testing for Interests & Working Styles

Consultative Results Review

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